Tuesday, March 15, 2016

There's no such thing as extra...

When I put a new roll of toilet paper on the holder today, I realized our supply was very low.  Uncomfortably low.  Possibly the lowest it has been since I started keeping my own home.

Master bath
Two lonely little rolls on the tippy-top shelf corner.

One day my husband was carrying in groceries, and he started putting away some of the items.  He announced with exasperation, "You don't need to buy toilet paper for a long time, we have enough extra rolls."

Office bath
Zero rolls on the shelves!

His attitude points out just ONE of the differences between us.  I don't believe the term 'extra' pertains to staples that never spoil.  They are not extra, they are just...waiting.  You will ALWAYS need toilet paper.  It will NEVER go bad.  So I think it is not unreasonable to have it stored in any empty space available.

Guest bath
Zero rolls in the cupboard...

I think this comes from my mortification at being sent next door (repeatedly) to 'borrow' a roll of toilet paper from the sweetest neighbor in the world that we girls referred to as 'Old Faithful' as we could always count on her having, and generously sharing, whatever we were caught in need of.  My mother had a lot on her plate between work and home, and sometimes even the necessities weren't the first priority...which is why they became my first priority, I guess.

Guest bath
...and only two lonely rolls peeking between the bars!

My son-in-law says I have crappy toilet paper (pardon the pun), as he prefers only the most soft and cushy for his tushie.  (My septic system loves the one ply.)  I can picture a day coming where he and my daughter are cleaning out my house (after I have gone to my reward), and will be carting bags and bags of toilet paper to Goodwill.  :)

It's time to restock!


  1. I love the toilet paper dilemma! I panic
    if I don't have at least a dozen rolls
    in the ready. Probably the legacy of
    too much time in third world countries!

    1. Hi, Barbara. I guess toilet paper stockpiling is sort of a first world problem. :)

  2. It's one of those things I begrudge buying because it seems such a waste yet it is such a necessity. I buy mine in big packs of 20 or 24 for $10 - I won't pay more. There is cheaper stuff around but we have our favourite.
    Our aerobic waste system which deals with our waste waters etc on our block must like it as its never clogged the system in 12 years so far.

    1. I about flushing money down the toilet. I buy big packs too.

  3. I laughed when I read this post. Last fall son (21) moved into an apartment and daughter (19) into her college dorm. For Christmas, we jokingly wrapped a huge Costco pack of toilet paper (48 rolls, I think) for each of them. . . joke was on us, as they were both pretty excited because "now we won't have it buy it ourselves for awhile!"

    1. Ah, they're growing up when they can count a gift of toilet paper as a gift. :) I once gave my son-in-law tp as a gift too, but I only sprang for a 4-pack. LOL


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