Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Lucky me.  I caught the bug.  :(  Yesterday was the worst day.  Today I feel better, but still too fatigued to have yet forced myself into the shower to wash off that broken-fever-sweat smell.  Sorry, just keeping it real here.

Last night I did experience a very nice dream.  One that has stayed with me, and I wanted to write it down.

photo credit: wikipedia

I dreamed of my father-in-law who has been gone for ten years.  I dreamed of he and my mother-in-law visiting us to attend a preschool program of my daughter's.  I dreamed of him driving us in his very large luxury car, and on the way to the program he pulled through a drive-thru to order soft drinks.  I won't go into every boring detail.  Suffice it to say that it was a reminder of where my husband gets his stubborn adherence to the 'old' ways and his lack of ordering skills.  :)

photo credit:  Forgotten Charm at

I experienced picking up the receiver on our 1970s model beige desk phone, and on the other end was my best friend from the 5th grade on.  And we had a rather mundane conversation about the phone's malfunction.

Best of all my precious baby girl was magically, enchantingly four years old again.  I opened the car door and let her scramble out of the car without unbuckling a car seat first...'cause, you know, back in the day she never sat in one.  I watched her toddle up the sidewalk and wait at the front door for me to open it.

The amazing thing about each of these dream sequences was the everyday reality of them.  Might be attributed to the high fever I took to bed with me last night.  :)

I think I'll go take a shower now.


  1. Hope you feel much better real soon!

  2. Oh no ! You caught it, too ! Hope it doesn't last long !
    Remember, no whining ;) You are made of tough stuff ;)

  3. Sure hope you're feeling MUCH better today! Love the pic of Kasey! Such a cutie.

  4. Thanks, Sharron. No whining that I recall, but a little moaning.  I’m feeling better…hopefully will be 100% before I have to work next week.

  5. Thanks, LB. I love that photo of her too. :)


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