Sunday, February 8, 2015

Did it, do it...

 I feel okay about what got done last week.  Grumpy hubby did not agree, but that's okay.  Everyone is allowed to their erroneous opinion once in awhile.  :)  (I mean, come on, I had the flu!)

None of the big items were completed this week, but most of the general to-dos did get scratched off.

The new list is started.  A couple of things have been added since photo was taken.

One thing I haven't added to the list yet, but DEFINITELY needs to be done this week, is BAKE something...anything...everything.  The stove arrives Tuesday, and I think/hope/wish it will be installed at delivery rather than waiting for the microwave to be mounted above it whenever THAT installer can be scheduled.  It would be logical to wait, but I want to use the oven!!!


  1. I really need to do this. I am a list type of person but I seem to be keeping mental lists lately and that doesn't work as well - there always seems to be something I've forgotten to do.

  2. Oh, Pamela! I started blogging about it to keep me accountable. I lose entire weeks with no progress (at least none I can recall) if I don’t do my lists this way. Sometimes I carry it around with me all day. LOL I try to remember to lay it on my nightstand when I go to bed. As sure as I don’t, I’ll think of something important that HAS to be written down or risk going undone.


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