Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Day 14: What is in my handbag...

Let me just say that this is a 48 inch table.  The purse is huge. Clockwise (sort of) starting from left it contains:

  • 3 triangular-folded plastic bags for quick car clean outs
  • pink fabric folded shopping bag (never used, always forget I have it)
  • telescoping back scratcher
  • WetOnes hand wipes
  • under WetOnes are outdated business cards in case
  • collapsible umbrella
  • clear makeup bag w/ first aid items, nail kit, lipstick, etc
  • navy zip clutch/wallet, matches purse
  • Kindle in its red cover
  • a toy camera key chain w/ actual flash still on display card (recent purchase)
  • spare phone charger
  • keys
  • 3 peppermint lip balm (only flavor I like, so I stocked up)
  • paint chip and auction bidder card
  • still inside purse are pens, mascara,lipstick, hand cream, more keys...

I think I may know how I injured my arm after all.


  1. Thanks, Pamela. I've do too. It's about time to change though. It really is TOO heavy to carry comfortably.

  2. My Bowen Therapy lady always tells me off for lugging my huge, heavy bag on my shoulder. Not good!

  3. had to laugh I got a smaller purse to wear over my shoulder since I have my cane and I still try to cram it's just a woman thing


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