Monday, July 28, 2014

Camera clutter...

 So I was going back through photos on my phone, and so many make me ask, "Why have I kept these?"

Like this photo of a buzzard perched over my backdoor.  Waiting...waiting...

And this one was a sad news story about a really terrible explosion, but it was so odd the way it looked like my home away from home was under attack.

I saw these orbs made from wine corks at a I planning on making some...erm...not really.

This shelf at my local library.  One of the many things I love about this library.  Have you ever seen a bottom shelf tilted for easier visibility and access?  Awesome idea, but do I need it on my phone? long lost toaster.  I loved this toaster.  I had never had a toaster before.  It was only about one...maybe two...years old.  Alas, daughter thought it was hers and took it when they moved out...then she bought a new, fancy, multi-slice one for their new kitchen and donated this one...but not to me!  I'm waiting for the back-to-school sales when this sort of thing goes on sale.  (And I really just put this photo in here so she would roll her eyes and growl, "Oh, Mother," when she reads this blog post.  I've given her a lot of grief over this.)  :)

Vintage aluminum salt and pepper shakers. ???  

I kind of like the different beetles I see crawling around outside, and for some odd reason this one makes me think of the next photo...

...of this area rug from Ikea which was also still on my phone, even though I texted it months ago to the friend who was interested in it.

Dear Frankie, you are the only cat whose litter box I will clean.  I hope you are doing well back in Kentucky.  And I hope you think of me once in awhile.  Tell your canine friend, Chloe, hello from me.

Now this is one I took in an interior design center...before I saw the signs that said "No Photos!"  I wanted to text it to a friend who thinks it is funny that my husband stockpiles collects incandescent light bulbs.  I think we shall start displaying his collection in this way...makes for easy access when one blows.

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