Monday, May 12, 2014

Rainy days and Mondays...

This is a bit of experimentation.  We had a thunderstorm tonight, so I recorded awhile on my phone and played with PhotoShop a bit...not too much mind you, it's excuse the grainy images.  Following is one bolt of lightening in freeze frame sequence.  I wish I had recorded the crack of thunder that just made me jump!

A good ole Spring thunderstorm in Texas:



  1. Good pictures, we had storms yesterday too. And Kathleen I love your post about your Mother!!!

  2. Nice! Wish I had your knack with a camera!

  3. Thank you, Peggy. Hope your storms weren't too severe. We got some much needed rain from ours.

    Thanks, LB. Sadly, I hardly ever dig out my real camera anymore. The one on my cell phone has such great resolution, and it's fun to play with. :)


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