Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I'll do it!...

I volunteered to make the King Cake for the pre-Lenten pancake dinner that my friend, the other Kathleen, was in charge of at her church last night.  She wanted a bread-like version rather than the cake-like versions.  I found this recipe on Pinterest.

It came together very nicely.  I always think rising dough is gorgeous, don't you?

I couldn't find the traditional baby Jesus trinket to bake into it.  I toyed (pardon my pun) with the idea of inserting a little plastic dinosaur (of which we have many handy) instead, but didn't want her to take the heat from any sticks in the mud who might call sacrilege.

I personally think the fully-cooked and decorated 'cake' looks like a hot mess, but believe it or not it is apparently supposed to look like this, and this looks about as good as any I've seen elsewhere.

Did I volunteer out of the goodness of my heart?  Umm...of course.  The fact that I can now scratch another of my 2014 goals off the list (make 14 Pinterest projects) is a bonus.  :)

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