Tuesday, February 4, 2014


The landscape is triggering happy childhood memories...fields covered with smooth blankets of snow, frosty windows, crunchy footsteps.

I feel that I have retreated from the world.  Very spotty internet access.  Very little television...some Netflix and Amazon video, but only when there is internet access.  What would I do without my smart phone?  Even it has its limits...I've used up 3/4 of my data for the billing month.  Internet tech due out on Thursday, so hopefully that will improve things.

Not getting out much due to the weather.  Yesterday I did run to town, but when I got back, I almost didn't make it back up the snowy driveway incline.  When the other Kathleen returned later, her neighbor came out and gave her a push up the drive.

I have been reading and making cards.  I have sewing projects about to commence.  I have ordered some necessities...crafting necessities.  :)  Need to get busy as they are valentine related.

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  1. Sounds like perfect winter hibernation to me. Lovely photograph. Do hope your friend is doing OK x


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