Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Costco reflections...

Just a few things I reflected on while walking through the warehouse store today...

...The book aisle is my downfall when I make a trip to Costco.  Stacks and stacks of best sellers to browse, hold, choose from...and at discounted prices!

...Why can I never remember that the store pharmacy is closed on Sunday?  I specifically went to pick up refills today.  Damn.

...Note to self: wear a pedometer next time I come here (which will be in a few days since I still have to pick up those refills)...between the packed parking lot and wandering up and down all those aisles, it's gotta be around five or six thousand steps, doesn't it?

...Hmm...giant rolls of clear cellophane to wrap gift baskets...need it?  Probably not.

...Do they carry probiotics?  Why yes they do!  (I heard a very interesting interview on NPR about probiotics on the drive to the store.)

...Christmas trees, lawn ornaments, is upon us.

...Gallon-size Ziplock bags, heavy-duty aluminum foil, giant pack of paper towels all could be useful, but there's no room for extras in my kitchen at the moment.  I'm expecting the cabinet guys to call any day about starting work.

...So I ended up with six...SIX...books in my cart.  That's an all time high, I think.  I'm pretty sure that I don't own any of them on my Kindle.  


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  1. Oooh, what a lovely pile of books. I read The Happiness Project early this year, and quite enjoyed it - food for thought and a couple of great ideas.


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