Sunday, August 25, 2013

Full house...


So the kids got moved into our house yesterday.  They are hoping it will only be for a month or so.  Tomorrow is the closing on the house they just sold, but on the new house front, the bank has been very slow acting getting things moving.  

They didn't even sit down for a minute before they started preparing dinner for us.  Carey's birthday is this coming week, but he will be working out of town, so they wanted to celebrate his BIG birthday while he is home.

The girls were running around in their dress-up clothes, when daddy appropriated the toque and apron Chloe was wearing.  Goofball.  I told him I would be blogging his he made up his own caption.  He makes points for his off-the-cuff play on words...and he and Kasey make MAJOR points for producing a meal WAY better than anything that could come out of a can.

The children were fed before the grown ups, when one of them got up from the table to perform a spontaneous gymnastics maneuver.  
     Daddy (still wearing his chef garb), "Is it dinner time or                      gymnastics time?
     Caitlyn, "Is it dinner time or dress-up time?
Score one for the munchkins.

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  1. what fun for all. Hmmm I love having my adult kids here but after a week we like to say 'good bye' and see ya next time. The grands can stay as long as they want heheh


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