Sunday, July 7, 2013

Seven random thoughts on the 7th...

1.  I am suffering guilt and self loathing about not getting several cards off on time.  Today I shall work on that!

2.  This dining room table...

...and this kitchen island may never have both had clear surfaces at the same time before.
So, you know, I thought I'd take a picture...just in case they never do again.  :)

3.  I am so excited about a birthday next weekend, because it is someone SO hard to gift to, and this year I have the perfect one!!  I'll be showing it as soon as it is given.

4.  I have probably mentioned this before, and I probably will again.  Yesterday as I was preparing cupcakes and continually having to wipe up spills etc, and this morning as I was washing my face, I remembered each and every time how WONDERFUL it is to be able to wring out a wet cloth.  I've gone back to taking for granted the other things I missed SO much when my hand was in the cast forever, but five years on I NEVER wring out a wet rag without giving thanks for two healthy hands.

5.  I love wireless service in my home.  I'm sitting with my feet up in my living room, and I just printed some more cupcake wrappers in the home office across the house.  Who would have imagined that a decade or so ago?

6.  I am feeling really guilty today for something I said yesterday to someone.  I said I didn't like my house.  It sounded so whiny and self-indulgent.  Of course I DO love my home.  I love being close to my kids and grandkids.  I love and am so thankful for a comfortable, sheltering home filled with modern conveniences.  I guess what I meant to say was that I still feel homesick for different aspects of homes I've had in the past.  But I definitely appreciate the peaceful haven that this one gives me.

7.  Aack!  Tomorrow it is back to my regular work schedule.  For the past few weeks there have been holidays and vacation days and, thus, short weeks.  Bye bye short weeks...for awhile.

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  1. I quite often moan about where I live and then feel guilty. So I know exactly what you mean!


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