Friday, May 31, 2013

2013 Monthly Goals, May's progress...

  • Lose 2 pounds
    • Haven't even given it a thought this month until the last couple of days.  It's time.
  • Turn computer off by 9:00 pm on work nights
    • No.
  • Begin bedtime routine by 9:15 pm on work nights
    • I accomplished this goal exactly once this month.  Need.  More.  Sleep.
  • Get back to a more Paleo eating plan
  • Make my iced coffees instead of buying them 4 times a week...I only drink coffee on my way to work, and I only work 4 days a week  / (gave up iced coffee) 
    • Backslider that I am, I bought coffee about four times this month.
  • Take my lunch to work twice a week
    • severe backsliding...maybe 3 times
  • Cook twenty meals at home per month   (not counting breakfast/lunch)
    • I just want to take this one off the list...too embarrassing to admit how terrible I am at this.  And I'm a really good cook! 
  • Cook / freeze two meals per month
    • 0 / 2
  • Stretch for ten minutes 15 times a month
    • haven't done ten minutes at a time, but I have started doing multiple short stretching sessions a day
  • Walk for fifteen minutes 15 times a month
    • Miserable fail...but I did get a wireless keyboard and mouse at work so I can work standing up part of the time
  • Visit one new church a month until we find a new church home
    • miserable fail
  • blog 20 times a month
    • 13  / 20
  • have one or more of the kidlets overnight once a month
    • 2 / 1 (had each girl for an overnight, and also took Bobby and Diego for an individual day out)
  • Lose 25 pounds
  • Complete one Bible study
  • Organize home office / craft room
  • Organize photos
  • Paint cabinets in guest powder room
  • Reorganize laundry room
  • Paint laundry room cabinets
  • Complete the 2013 Reading Challenge
    • 7 / 12
GIVING GOALS (for the year)
  • Knit 12 hats to donate
    • .5 / 12 
  • Donate 12 boxfuls of household goods / clothes to Goodwill
    • 4 / 12
  • Donate 12 books to the library
    • 15 / 12
  • Donate to two good causes
FINANCIAL GOALS (for the year)
  • Be more deliberately mindful of finances
  • Contribute maximum to our IRAs
  • Add $100 to each of the five college funds
    • x2
  • Build / finish the garage apartment
  • Price / plan future kitchen remodel
CREATIVE GOALS (for the year)
  • Hand quilt Rita May's quilt top
  • Make 52 cards 6 / 52
  • Knit 6 dishcloths 4 / 6
  • Sew 2 hot pads  1 / 2
  • Knit 1 cowl
  • Make 6 Pinterest projects   5 / 6


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  1. I try to obtain goals like yours too and never quite get there. I aim to start walking again but today is the first day of winter so not sure how that will go.
    Cooking is not a problem, half the time I just wish I had more people to cook for. I'd love to bake cookies but they would go stale if it's just me and Gus having them and we don't need to eat them anyway! The girls are coming home next weekend so I will have more mouths to cook for (yay!).

    Cheers - Joolz


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