Monday, December 31, 2012

Sky scarf 2012...

From this on January 1, 2012...


to this on December 31, 2012...

This is it hot off the blocking or woven-in ends yet.  It finished out at a little over seven feet long...stockinette stitch, with garter stitch borders.  As of now, the two ends are still separate from each other, but I think that I will join them into a mobius, and wear it looped over like it is in the photo.  Not sure yet.  I think I'll decide after blocking.

I am really happy with it!  I ended up adding in a couple of additional grays than I started out with.

The key works out something like this:
solid white = fog
light blue = clear skies
light blue with white = partly cloudy
bright blue = temperature in excess of 100 degrees
    (you can't really see that since it's mostly behind my neck in this photo)
light gray = cloudy and/or light rain
charcoal = thunderstorms

Depending on how my mood or my impression of the sky struck me on a given day, I would knit two colors together or just knit a single color.  I think I will take one of the colors, and stitch in "2012" at one end. (Original post and credit to creator here.)

I am really, really excited to have it DONE! 


  1. It looks fantastic, Kath! I would like to see it laid out so we can see all the colours. It's a fantastic idea.

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. Looks absolutely fabulous - well done on sticking with it for the whole year.

  3. Missed this post! Looks great.. Are you getting the cold temps that the west coast is getting? It's actually been warm here until today!


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