Friday, February 24, 2012

Jewelry organizer...

Well, I've done it again...I forgot to take the before photo.

I found a cupcake stand at Goodwill the other day. I've been wanting one for awhile, so that was an easy dollar to spend...even if it was a horrid gold color.   Here it is painted a nice Heirloom White (by Rustoleum).

I measured the diameter of each cupcake 'ring,' and set out with my car keys and trusty tape measure to hunt for bowls.  I found just what I wanted. 

They have a lip at the base just a hair smaller in diameter than the cupcake rings so they sit secure in each one, and are shallow enough to fit between the tiers.

They are the perfect size to hold my chunkiest necklaces.

One bowl is for the stuff I wear every day. 

And the rims are perfect to hook earrings over...studs rest in the bottom.

And when the need arises, the bowls can be removed so it can be used as a cupcake stand again.  I love objects that perform multiple purposes.


  1. GREAT find!
    and that would also work for buttons n brads and beads…oh my!

  2. What a lovely idea - it looks really good.

  3. Very clever.. much neater than my pile of jewellery on the bathroom counter that gets swept into a drawer whenever I can no longer see the counter... then I have to make myself some new pieces because the drawer is such a mess that I can't find anything!

    Oh and I ended up using tiny little pieces of innertube instead of o-rings... since FM didn't have the right size O ring!

  4. It looks wonderful! You are so clever. I hate saying that, but it is true.


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