Saturday, January 28, 2012

Patience rewarded...or...lost hope found...

Dear Kasey,

Do you remember all those times when you told me you didn't have the patience for crafts?  I thought that they must have switched babies in the hospital.  How could a child of mine not have the crafting gene?  But you look too much like me, so that was that.

Still, I pretty much coerced you into trying a little needlepoint kit trinket box once.  I think I had to end up finishing it.  You may have tried a tiny cross-stitch ornament another time, but it just wasn't something that seemed to interest you.

I finally gave up.  I treasured the little trinket box, thinking it would be the sole handcrafted effort of yours I would ever have.  And I thought that perhaps the gene had skipped a generation...and bided my time till I might have a granddaughter who showed the spark of shared passion.

But then you began decorating projects.  Painting furniture.  Painting rooms.  Making headboards.  I was so happy.  I could see that you had the gene after just took a different path.

This Christmas was fabulous.  I love, love, love the wreath you made me and the stencilled piece you did for your dad.

And then today was the best day ever...long awaited and all but given up on.  A sewing lesson at your request!  You are awesome!  And you will probably surpass me in the end.  Because the one gene of mine that I'm happy to say you didn't get was the procrastination gene.  Oh my sweet, talented, productive girl.

Love, Mom


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