Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Saturday's snail mail on Tuesday...

Oh, I have been so distracted lately.  I actually thought it had been longer since I had mailed a letter out, but turns out it was only two weeks.

I have been enjoying lots of craftiness, some of which is still in progress.  I have worked a little more than scheduled.  I have been trying to clean things up around here and get things ready for our Thanksgiving, which we will be celebrating a little early this weekend.  Even now that we all live in the same town, work schedules still make it hard to get everybody together in the same room at the same time.  We only have about a one-hour window of time if we all want to sit down at the table together.

I've even been able to mark a few things off of the Christmas shopping list.  Can you believe how rapidly the holidays are approaching?!

accountability stats:  25 weeks / 48 letters


  1. Your on track 25/48 gives you a 2 week grace period! I was determined to write Post cards while I was in Spain.. I bought them... I brought them home with me.. I think as I can't find them... my score 0/6! My excuse is I never saw a Post Office that was close to any hotel we were staying in!

  2. I once managed to mail postcards when on an overseas trip once. I was home weeks before they arrived. :)


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