Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2011 Turkey Challenge results...

Our Thanksgiving feast was a great success.  It was nice to have everyone in the house at the same time.  I found myself thinking of past Thanksgivings prepared by my mother and Carey's mother...mostly when my feet and/or back started hurting...and I decided that I never appreciated their work enough in the past.

The turkeys were both delicious.  I will definitely be brining again in the future.  It was very moist and tender.

Beau's deep-fried turkey was delicious.  I have to admit that his won in the flavor category.  But it seemed to give him a little trouble in the carving process.

Oh, dear.  Someone seems to be getting frustrated.

Mine carved beautifully.

That's Beau's mess...fried turkey on the left.  Mine is the platter on the right.

So as I see it the points tally this way:

Ease of preparation: brining
Flavor: frying
Moistness: brining
Tenderness: brining
Presentation: brining

Hmmm...I seem to be declaring myself the winner.  (Beau has declared himself the winner too, so it's okay.)  :)
ps:  please forgive the cheesy posed photos


  1. I think yours looks the nicest! Lovely pic of you guys too!


  2. I've only had deep fried turkey once... at an anniversary party that I got to very late so all I got were the scraps... and I've never had brined turkey! Glad you had a good day... we got 10 inches of snow on Wednesday... So we spent yesterday shoveling!

  3. We've done both and liked them equally…I won't give any helpful tips on the deep-frying..we don't want to give him an edge next time!

  4. Joolz...thanks!

    Lynne...10 inches, wow!

    Terri...definitely don't want to give him an edge! LOL


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