Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Words With Friends...

I am a bit of a game junkie.  And I'm a little competitive.  When my friend, the other Kathleen, was here in June, we played Scrabble.  It wasn't pretty.

So imagine my surprise when she asked me to play a new game she just found out about from a coworker...Words With Friends.  It's a Facebook / phone app...basically just like Scrabble.  Very fun and user friendly.  Games can go on for days, as time allows for players.  OOOOOhHH!  I just got a msg that she's my turn!!!  Be right back.

HA!  I'm still ahead.

One problem.  She says she will only play with me until October first.  She's using me to get ready for play with her mother and her brother...a sparring partner, if you will.  Hrmmff!!  Oh well.  I'll take my fun where I can get it, and I'll give her a work out.

And I'm going to see if her brother will friend me.  I hear he's the one to beat in their family.



  1. Can you play with people overseas? I'll play! Am a total Scrabble addict - my mum and I have an annual competition - it's neck and neck so far this year!

  2. Oh, Caroline, that would be cool! I sent you a friend request on Facebook. I think we could play then.


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