Friday, August 26, 2011

A state of crossatonia...

Did you by chance miss a post about what I was reading Wednesday?  I'm on the same book as last week...not much time devoted to reading this week.

Have I been cooking anything up in the kitchen worthy of posting? on sandwiches and fresh fruit .

Why?  Because I have been in a state of crossatonia.  What is that, you ask?  It is similar to a state of catatonia, in that the sufferer is completely unaware of their environs, unable to act or react to their surroundings.  Well here, let me find a better definition for you...

cross·a·to·ni·a - a syndrome characterized by muscular rigidity and mental stupor, sometimes alternating with great excitement and confusion brought on by a hyperfocus on the act of cross stitching.

Unlike some people :) who say they can't sit still for hours at a time, I have no problem doing so.  In fact, my problem is tearing myself away...making myself get up and stretch and get the circulation going.  And I am off this week, so last night I sat down to stitch, and finally decided that I should probably try to get some sleep when I saw there was light starting to come in the windows, and the piece I am working on started looking like this...

I have to say, I am making some very good progress...should be able to finish well ahead of the deadline I set for myself.


  1. That's funny, Kath! Bri and I watched a couple of movies last night - I won't tell you how many times I got up to peel vegetables, get clothes out of washing machine, empty dishwasher, pause for dinner, get a snack, go to the loo, empty dryer, read new magazine, .....
    I must be a restless soul!


  2. yeesh, anonymous…aren't you the brazen web-master hussie!

    Kathi, don't berate yourself for "veggin"…I do the same exact thing when off of work…just need the brain to rest as well as the soul, kwim?

  3.'d that anon spam slip in there? That's the one thing I don't like about not having the captcha thingie turned on.

    Oh well. That's what the delete button is for. :)


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