Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I'm reading Wednesday...

I have started This Fine Life by Eva Marie Everson, but I will probably set it aside for awhile.  I'm in the mood for something...different.   I'll be honest. I got it for my Kindle, because it was a bargain.

As for The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley that I finished up last week, it was really good...I loved it!

Over the weekend I read Plain Jayne by Hillary Manton Lodge (another Kindle bargain).   I read it straight through, because I was procrastinating (as usual).  It was okay.  A little too cotton candy for me.   

I just feel the need for something meatier right now...a good legal thriller maybe.

(And have I mentioned lately how AGGRAVATING blogger is to me?!  Anyone else still having issues with placing photos and line/paragraph spacing?  Grrrrr.  While the published posts look ok on my monitor, the drafts are completely misaligned with huge hard to lay out like I want.)


  1. I think I'll check out The Winter Sea--sounds interesting and I'm not sure what I'm in the mood to read right now!

  2. Yep re blogger... and having to log in EVERY TIME I do anything is really beginning to tick me off!

    I don't think I could read books with a Kindle... I really like being able to flip back pages to check things!

    Not sure if I've read a good legal thriller recently but Amazon is flogging a new John Grisham book.

    Has it cooled down there yet? We have fog still today so it's still quite cool.

  3. give it a try...when you get toward the end (not at the end, but a little before) keep a box of tissues handy.

    Lynne...what is up with that having to log in all the time...argh. I always said the same thing about the Kindle, and for any kind of reference, I would still prefer to be able to flip around and scribble in the margins. But for novels, it's the bomb! ...and we are still 100 degrees F or there abouts...we had a little rain last week...only enough to make it really humid! We need much, much more rain.


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