Tuesday, June 21, 2011


So...after work I took my shopping list and did the weekly shop at the mega-store.  I thought it was very energetic of me, considering I knew when I got home I'd be unloading them all by my lonesome.

So...after putting away all the groceries, I sit down to relax and chill, and the phone rings.  Now that the big event is behind us, Kasey wants to start walking in the evenings.  Do I want to start tonight?

So...I go through my closet, and I can't find my lace-up walking shoes.  Hmmm...when was the last time I saw them?  Well.  Must have been before the move I'm guessin'.

So...I decide that my best option were my Birks garden shoes.  Seriously, they have really great insoles.  I may not remember exactly how old these shoes are, but they do still support the arches and hug the heels.

So...I drive over to Kasey's, and we start out walking with the girls riding their bikes.  About two blocks into our walk Chloe decides she doesn't want to ride her bike anymore.  We manage to 'encourage' her to finish the walk/ride.

So...when we've made it about halfway I ask Kasey what distance the route is.  I thought she said three-quarters of a mile (but having finished it now, I'm pretty sure she must have said three and a quarter miles).

So...we've started our summer-evening walks, and I'm wondering if I still have an unpacked box of shoes somewhere.  I think I might as well invest in some new lace-ups.


  1. New shoes might be a good idea if you are like me and lose things! I bought a new shirt last week, and for the life of me I cannot find it!

  2. I have a red pair of those Birk garden shoes... Mine have been abandoned in favor of crocs.. didn't like the fact that the mud had nowhere to go in the Birks!

  3. Ha! Stickhorse, I'm missing a new blouse too! Was yours turquoise? I've heard of disappearing ink, but fabric?

    Lynne, I've never tried crocs...I liked that the birks were solid, because when we lived in the country, we had lots of thorns etc. But I would think that the crocs would be cooler to wear.


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