Monday, May 16, 2011

Making it Monday...

This week is all about hemming curtains...or to be more accurate, washing, drying, ironing, hemming and hanging curtains.  (I don't want a replay of the ugly surprise I had once after rehanging freshly laundered curtains...they had all shrunk about three inches.  So now, if they are washable, they all get washed and dried before hemming.)

So much ironing!  That entire wall is windows (some are not even showing in the photo), and the wall opposite has two more.  Oi vey!

I cannot settle on a furniture arrangement in this room.  I knew it would be difficult from the first time we saw it while house hunting.  Right now there is a chair just stuck in front of that armoire, which drives me right 'round the bend every time I look at it.


  1. Positioning furniture right is so difficult isn't it? We have one room that I'm still not happy with and we've been here six years this year!

  2. I've had that problem before--the curtains were 100% cotton and I washed them with cold water, hung them to dry, but they still shrank so much I couldn't use them in that room!

  3. It drives me crazy when things aren't just right!
    Maybe even especially when I live with it for a long time, and then think, "why am I still living with this!?!" :)

    My covered patio is that way - it's small, and there's only the placement of the wicker sofa, chair, coffee table, and end table, but it's never quite right. hmmph.

  4. (I should say that I love the space, and love it when I'm sitting there, it's just the moving it to get around it and all that stuff that drives me batty.)


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