Monday, January 24, 2011

...the works that my hands had wrought...

My mother-in-law moved recently which required massive downsizing. Carey has always wanted one of her cedar chests, so she sent it home with him. Inside she had tucked several things that I had made for her through the years.

I was so happy to see this little piece of crewel work found its way back to me. I made it decades ago; back when I didn't waste all my time on the computer and my eyesight was still sharp and clear. And this piece required good eyes. It's small...about the size of a postcard. I once made a large cross-stitch piece for my father that depicted two pheasants in flight. That large piece and this little one both kicked my booty! The shading in the feathers. Oy vey! I decided never to undertake another bird in any piece of handwork. And I never have.

Here's a closer look at some of that detail. I appreciate the finished product with the satisfaction that successfully accomplishing a challenging task brings. Even after all this time.


  1. It is incredibly beautiful.
    I just love it.

  2. Haven't seen crewel work in years! It was quite a fad among my friends when we were young. I only have one piece from back in the day. Your birds are amazing and gorgeous, glad they have come back to roost!

  3. That is absolutely beautiful, Kathleen. You are immensely clever.

  4. I just visited your blog in the OWOH hearet event and I wanted to come here and tell you that this is a truly stuning piece of handwork. Absolutely beautiful! As a knitter of bird nests - I am just mesmerized by this beautiful piece - thanks for sharing this on your wonderful blog!



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