Sunday, January 9, 2011

Home and hearth...

the living room side

In all our years as homeowners, we have never had a fireplace. Living in such a warm climate, it isn't a necessity. It is, however, very cozy to sit beside on a winter's evening.

This house has a see-through fireplace. We get to enjoy it from the living room and the kitchen/dining room. So I had to take some photos of our very first fire...ever!

The warmth feels wonderul. Visually, I am entranced. It smells and sounds lovely.

Now if I just had some marshmallows to roast, all my senses would be sated.

the kitchen side


  1. Beautiful! The house we live in now has a wonderful wood burning fireplace--I also had never lived in a home with a fireplace before we moved to this house. I never want to live in a house without a fireplace now after spending many evenings sitting beside the fire!

  2. Thanks C or V! I've missed hearing from y'all and have been hoping that all was well for you.


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