Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Progress report...

I'm still trying to get settled in. Things are a mess. I've managed to lose track of several gifts that I am hoping against hope to find by the 24th. A friend from out of state called and said she may come next week for a day or two. And we invited my mother-in-law to spend several days with us over Christmas. I've warned her that perfection is just not in the cards.

Oh, and speaking of cards, I haven't addressed a one.

I did order an enlargment of the above photo as part of my mantel decoration. Which I will assemble as soon as we finish painting the living room. Why, no, it hasn't yet been begun. But the kitchen has been completely painted, and it is beautiful. Love the new color!

Two more days of work, then I have two weeks off. Maybe I'll make a little more progress then.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kathleen - good to 'see' you back, and glad you are making progress. Who cares about perfection? As long as you and yours are happy, that's the important thing.


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