Friday, September 3, 2010

The big announcement...

Remember my beautiful porch that I waited decades for? The one that seems like it just got finished? I'm leaving it behind.

We are moving.

It's not something that we actively sought. We never put our land or home on the market. Someone came to us, and wanted to buy it. And after thinking about it and weighing the pros and cons, the checks and balances, the daily wonders and the daily grind, we decided that it is a good time and a good change.

We'll be trading in our 100 acres for 4 acres...our house where most of our to-do list is done, to one filled with new projects...and to an area where the grandbabies are only about a mile away instead of an hour away.

Things have really been rolling rapidly. It's been a week since we came to an agreement on selling our home, and a few days since we found a great new one. We should be closing the sale on our property in the next week, and the purchase of the new property a few days after that. We are truly blessed that the buyer of our property is allowing us time to make the move without pressure to be out immediately. Still, we are not wanting to take advantage of his kind nature, so we will be very, very busy. Today I am starting the big packing event.

And because I know that some of you may have heard things recently that make you worry or wonder...Carey has not been at work this week...he's safe and sound at home, running hither and yon trying to get everything done yesterday. As if the house news isn't change enough, we are also waiting to hear about a new job that he interviewed for last week. (I know that sounds strange on the heels of the move news, but we are in an unusual category of people who can move without giving a lot of thought as to work location.)

Please keep us in your prayers.

ps: the new house has no front porch!


  1. Very exciting and anything that brings you within 1 mile of your grandbabies is an excellent decision!

  2. oof.
    Well, that is certainly big news!
    I'm glad Uncle Carey is safe and well and with you.
    And I'm happy for you that you get to be so close!
    House projects, huh?
    House projects and babies?!

  3. Oooh, exciting news! I expect you'll be very busy for the next few weeks. Best of luck with the move.

  4. Change can be really good--and closer to grandkids is wonderful!!!
    So will you be seeking a new job as well? Keep us posted and congratulations!

  5. Sad to see you leave S. but I know you will be happy near your family. Mark and Matthew can always build another porch. lol

  6. Thanks, everybody, for the well wishes.

    And Linda (you just think you're anonymous, lol) I felt so sad about Mark and Matthew finding out we were moving! I was kind of hoping you wouldn't check in here for awhile. :) But I will definitely be keeping the number of the greatest (porch) builders I know!

  7. Wow! Big news huh? I know the grandkids will be happy to have you nearby. Too bad you can't take that porch with you.

    May blessings abound in your new home. <3 you my friend!


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