Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We interrupt this program...

Not a stellar photo, but I was in a hurry...I was hungry! Luckily it tasted better than the photo looks. Turkey burger with baked sweet potato 'fries.' If you're interested, you can find the recipe here (along with a somewhat better photo).

As I was enjoying my dinner, it occurred to me that I really needed to thank Simply Joolz, without whom I would never have thought to add beet root (pickled beets) and shredded carrot to my sandwiches. It is the most fabulous way to get another vegetable or so in your day, and I've been enjoying them this way since I first saw some yummy sandwich photos on her blog.

And on the subject of sandwich fixins...I bought the new Kraft olive oil mayonnaise recently. I think it's awesome, and it has half the fat and calories of regular mayo. It has a little more sodium, but I'm willing to overlook that in the small amount I'll be using.

Okay, the commercial is over now, you can un-mute.


  1. Hi Kath,
    thanks for the accolades! Ha ha! I do love carrot in my sandwiches because of the crunch and also it fills you up too. Australian's love beetroot in their burgers and sandwiches! I think your pic is just fine.

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. I'm telling you, Joolz, sandwiches around here were BORing till I learned this from you. :)


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