Monday, April 5, 2010


This little birdie told me to clean up my nest!

Today I filled two giant black garbage bags, and a box, along with a plastic grocery bag or two with...well, I'm not sure what...just trash I guess.

Then I filled a huge old suitcase (don't worry, not the cute vintage kind) with clothing donations, and another couple of boxes of just cluttery stuff.

I took the trash to my office dumpster (this is the main reason I love my job...access to a huge dumpster...not really, but it is a great perk!) Then I drove down the block a bit and dropped off the donations at Goodwill.


And yet...looking around...the house looks exactly the same!


  1. Ahhhhhh; I know the feeling! Out with the old and ....well...we know better than to bring in anything new since that would only clutter the new space we've made! :D
    Good girl!

  2. Until we moved into this house, clutter was our constant companion. Now, everything has a place. I cite this to the kids a hundred times a day.
    I absolutely refuse to fill up the empty spaces in this house. Thanks for strengthening my resolve. And giving me another reason to not give in to the kids begging to get another dog!!!

  3. It's a good feeling, getting rid of 'stuff', isn't it?


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