Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This is a really old photo of Jared and Carey...about ten years old. My friend Drew e-mailed it to me recently...she came across it while going through her old photo files.

I'm not absolutely sure what was going on when the photo was taken...I don't even recognize where it was taken...but it's such a typical look for both of them. Carey has that he-got-me-again grin, because he probably just got zinged by Jared who keeps a straight face. Such a dry wit that one has.

One of our family favorites was the time he zapped his sister at the dinner table. She was about twelve at the time; he was six or so. We had the television set on Jeopardy! in the background, and Kasey announces to the family, "Someday I'm going to be an answer on Jeopardy!" And without missing a beat Jared adds with an almost bored undertone, "And the question is, 'Who is the famous Jared S____y's sister.'"

It loses the zing in the translation, because with Jared the delivery is key. He was born with comedic timing, and we've been a willing audience ever since.

Tonight he joined his father and I for dinner. Carey didn't have his glasses on, so he was squinting at something. I asked him what he was doing, and he said, "I'm trying to read this word." And Jared lends an encouraging, "It's okay, Dad, just sound it out."

Then, when you realize he's got you, and you erupt with laughter edged with just the tiniest bit of wounded vanity, he unleashes this on you...

Man I missed that while he was away.


  1. beautiful, those two boys of yours.

  2. love the top photo, especially the expressions!!

  3. Love my baby brother! Smart ass comments and all. And I really should write Alex Trebek. He's taking way too long to get our Q&A on the show.

  4. Awww, he's so cute! There is something about our boys isn't there? I miss mine so much since he married and moved just a couple miles away--I never see him anymore!

  5. I was away for the weekend... we had 3 feral kittens in a 25 cubic foot cage in the family room... my son was suppose to come home feed them and keep the litter box clean ... first voice mail...

    got home
    found kittens
    found detol

    second message lost one kitten...

    this was Saturday afternoon... we got home tues and didn't find him til wed morning... When we met my son for dinner on Tuesday night he did look a bit sheepish!

    As for my small island I think yu would be on land if you went 4 miles North I think you would be on the main land... it would still be very cold though... your F/C conversion starts way too high those temps might work in Texas but the C scale needs to go down to -18 here.... 0 F

  6. Steph--thanks.

    FT--have I mentioned that he comes with citizenship?

    Kasey--let me know if you hear from Mr. Trebek.

    Cowgirl--a son is a son till he takes a wife...did I quote that right?

    Islandgirl--however did you recapture your little feral kitten. We have them around, and I can't imagine one loose in the house! LOL Oh how I would have loved being a fly on the wall as you retrieved those voicemails!


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