Monday, February 22, 2010

In memory of my old purse...

February 2004 - February 2010

I'm not a purse person. Or maybe I'm just a really particular purse person. I start with one that suits my organizational style and is sturdy. One that is not a fad, and that will look decent for as long as possible. And then I carry it until I just can't take any more abuse from my purse-snob friends or until it falls apart...usually those are fairly simultaneous.

I do not change purses with the season, or the occassion. I like to have a place for everything and everything in its place (in my purse at least). And I've never figured out how to neatly store multiple purses in limited closet space.

I don't actually think my dear old purse that I've been carrying for the last six years looks too bad. But alas, when I say it was hanging on by a thread, here's the proof:

So before it completely gave out, I decided to retire it. Actually I've been looking for its successor for quite some time.

And today I found it.

I love its three interior compartments (large enough to tuck a magazine or book into), the simplicity of the style, and the long rolled handles. It was incredibly inexpensive at $20. Obviously faux leather at that price, but I didn't find a leather one that suited me.

So does everyone in the world but me own multiple purses and switch them out?


  1. I've carried the same diaper bag for the last ten years. It is a very sturdy one from LL Bean that I bought before I had Lundi. I hate purses. I don't know what I'm going to do when we grow out of a diaper bag. Nor do I remember what I did before.
    When I was pregnant with Audrey, and had to have my insulin supplies with me all the time, so I did buy one because I went to so many appt's without the kids, so I had no need to carry the diaper bag. Mike said he liked it that I had a purse and hoped it would continue after the diabetes was gone. But it's so hard to carry a diaper bag, the baby in the car seat plus a purse!!!
    I may go back to a purse some day.

  2. oh I love them! I have several (read - too many) purses, although here we call them handbags and a purse is a woman's wallet. I switch and forget to move essential things.

  3. I've always been a one-bag girl, until recently.
    My regular purse is a smallish brown backpack (regular purse size), but lately i've taken to these little cloth things that only hold my wallet and keys. That's all I need, usually.
    If we go somewhere (anywhere), my bag needs to be big enough to carry granola bars, extra pants, hand cleaner that I make, paper towels, apples, carrots, magnifying glasses, extra gloves, a first aid kit, water bottles, and whatever else. :)

    Stick with one! The problem with more than one is that you have to search six to find your keys! Most aggravating.

  4. Because I make hand bags of all kinds I have a purse or bag for every occasion, every outfit, and every outing. However, I do have a favorite that holds all of my "things" perfectly. I can open the purse and there is what I need in plain sight. A purse is a very personal decision so I am glad you have found a new one.


  5. Kim, my new purse is actually bigger than the diaper bag I carried when the kids were little. LOL The db was really small. A mom needs less stuff to carry and more hands!

  6. FT--that is my reason for not switching...I hate being without the essentials! :) And out here, I absolutely do NOT go back for forgotten items. This week I have forgotten my camera, my phone, my watch, my book, a very important package...

  7. Steph, quite often I leave the big purse in the car and just carry my wallet...but I must be prepared for any event! :)

  8. Nicole, I remember back in the dark ages (when I was a teenager) I had a lovely aunt who made me a lot of purses, and I loved them (and her).

    She made a lot of jewelry with pearls, back when the color options were pretty much just white. I remember she took some colored pearls that she liked to her nextdoor neighbor, who was a chemist, and asked him if he could analyze them and come up with a dying method she could use for her own color choices. And he did! I still have the 'recipe' around here somewhere in her handwriting.

  9. I love handbags, can't have too many of them! I do love the colour of your new one, Kath - lovely simple design, too, will never date, so you can carry it for years! I have a series of hooks inside the door of a big cupboard where I hang my bags - they don't take up too much room that way

  10. I only have one hand bag on the go at a time. My current one is pure leather and cost me $300 two years ago. It is large and gets quite heavy at times. I might post about it and all of it's contents.

    Love the new red one you have! Very sassy! :)

    Cheers - Joolz

  11. Caroline,

    I love how pulled together women look when they change their handbag with their outfits...I can't manage it however. And I have a huge closet, it's really sad that I can't even conceive of storage. LOL

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  13. Joolz, that would be a great thing to post about! I remember once two of my bosses were in my office chatting, and one asked if somebody had a nail clipper. I put my purse on my desk and proceeded to look for my nail clippers, emptying the purse onto my desk in the process. After a few minutes I realized all conversation had ceased, I looked up and they were just staring in amazement at all the stuff I carry. :) I think one of them compared it to one of those clown cars in the circus where the clowns just keep tumbling out. LOL

  14. great post...great ol purse and awesome new purse!
    just had to say to BPFF (best purse friend forever) too...

  15. I AM SO EXCITED, I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT. Finally a new purse!!!! You just don't know how much this means to me. Wait while I get a tissue. I must admit though this last one wasn't as bad when it retired as the last one was.

    Excuse me, did you say limited closet space??? I have seen your dressing room(closet). You can't put limited space as a reason. I'm so happy for you, now if I could just get you to have 2 purses at once, I would feel I have done my job of being a bad influence.

  16. Terri--I'm having trouble adjusting, any advice?

  17. Kelley--you just WISH you were a bad influence on me. You know the truth...that I am an influence for GOOD to you! :)

    Life is good.


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