Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm leaving it all up to you...

I've already fessed up about being a procrastinator deluxe, right? Well, what you see above is a stack of my Christmas letters...still unmailed. I printed the photo page before Christmas. I was running so late, that I printed the letter with the greeting "Happy New Year" instead of "Merry Christmas." But they never got addressed and mailed.

So here's my question for you. Is it too late? I'm going with a majority vote say 'no' and they go in the recycle say 'yes' and they go in the mailbox. Please comment on this. Only you can save me from looking like a big loser or can help me look like a free spirit. I'm leaning toward the big loser side. :)


  1. For what it's worth, here's my thoughts:
    A) People will love to receive it anyway, who says it has to be sent at Christmas?
    B) It's not two months late, it's 10 months early!
    C) You're putting an ironic twist on the whole Christmas letter thing!
    So, yeah, send 'em out!!

  2. I agree with Caroline.
    In the event that you decide to put them in the recycle bin, please save one to send to me.
    I think it would be really funny if you crossed out all of the "Happy New Year" greetings and put "Happy....." whatever the next holiday is going to be and then write something witty (shouldn't be hard for you) about being a procrastinator. I am sure that most of the people on your mailing list can relate!!! I know I can.

  3. I wouldn't.
    I'd just send a message saying "please see our blog...."

  4. I'd send them because, who doesn't like receiving mail? Who cares if it's a little late. I think a Happy St. Patricks day would work out nicely.

  5. Not too late but only if I get one ;)

    I did receive a "Christmas" card about 2 weeks ago. Maybe make it a New Years card/just to say Hi card? Or I mean it's only 8 months until it's time once again?! lol


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