Sunday, February 28, 2010


That's Nancy Jo on the left, and me on the right. She's a whole eight months older than I am. Our daddies were brothers.

One of my very early memories is of an unsupervised moment of climbing and sitting on the kitchen table when we were toddlers. We were sticking our fingers in the butter, and then into the sugar bowl, and then into our mouths. We were discovered by her daddy who, when told that we were hungry, offered to fix us a ketchup sandwich. I think this sticks in my mind, because I'd never heard of a ketchup sandwich.

I'm so lucky. Lucky that our parents were friends, and that they remained close even after her daddy died so young. We visited on holidays. And summers. We took long summer trips together to visit our mutual Nebraska family...trips filled with fresh apple cider from roadside stands, and tornado warnings, and lightning bug safaris, and ALL those Nebraska cousins!

Happy Birthday, Cousin. I love you.


  1. This is a loving post. Thanks for sharing it. Keeping close and making memories.


  2. Lucky you to have your cousin as a close friend! In my small family, my cousins and I have drifted apart as well as my hubby and his cousins. We only see my sister once a year and his brothers and their families on July 4. It's sad but we are all so busy with our jobs and location distance that it makes it difficult to stay in touch! Maybe that's why I enjoy my bloggy friends so much! I have connected a little with my cousins on Facebook, so that's nice!


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