Monday, December 7, 2009

Seven random thoughts on the 7th...

1. As usual, time is getting away from me as far as Christmas preparations go.

2. I've had a vague headache all afternoon...I should have just taken a nap.

3. I got my hair cut very short on Saturday...but I would have liked it even shorter...I may have to go back.

4. I heard a friend's voice on the internet this afternoon. It was someone I haven't spoken to in years. It made me feel really sad.

5. I worked on our Christmas letter this afternoon. I used to be very anti-Christmas-letters, but I came to the realization that...a) I really look forward to our friends' Christmas letters...b) I really hate receiving cards with just signatures from friends and family...and c) I've ruined entire boxes of cards by writing personal messages in them, but never mailing them. These days you can print the letter on the front and color photos on the back. Even at that, I'm not sure I will actually get it completed and in the mail this year. The letter is done, but I still have to decide on which photos to include.

6. I ordered a 'fresh' balsam wreath this year, hoping that it would make the house smell like Christmas since we have an artificial tree. The wreath arrived somewhat damaged, and I can't smell it even standing close to it. Since hanging it, it has dried out noticeably. Even Caitlyn noticed it while she and Chloe were visiting, and she asked if she could clean up the needles on the floor for me. :) It's not worth the trouble and expense to return it, but I won't purchase another one next year.

7. I spent all last evening watching DVDs of season one of Mad Men. I finally stopped, with the intent of saving the rest to watch one episode at a time (on Sunday nights, of course...they just aren't the same since the third season ended). And since I didn't start watching it until about the middle of season two, I am loving getting the background...all new to me!


  1. Well, Christmas cards and I don't get along. I love receiving them and love the thought of sending them. I just never send them. sigh. C

  2. Sorry to hear about your wreath - what a disappointment. I love receiving Christmas 'round robin' letters, but don't write one any more, although I did for about ten years. Just can't work up the enthusiasm any more.


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