Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Meanwhile, back at the castle...

Once upon a time there were four princesses. The littlest princess was an adorable ten year old who thought she was Rapunzel, and who was not one bit spoiled, no matter what the older princesses may say.

One day the littlest princess was sitting at the scullery table. She was very unhappy as she struggled with her arithmetic studies.

Suddenly, the door to the castle opened, and in walked the eldest princess with a frog. The frog frightened the littlest princess, because he was covered with road rash from a recent motorcycle accident. But when the frog hopped over to the littlest princess and offered to help her with her homework, she begrudgingly accepted his assistance.

Over time the frog kept visiting the castle with the eldest princess. And as time passed, the road rash disappeared, and the littlest princess came to realize that the frog was not only good at math, and thoughtful of little princesses, but he was truly a handsome prince.

Soon there was a special celebration in the king's ville-age when the eldest princess married the handsome prince, and they travelled to a far off land to live. Occassionally the littlest princess was allowed to visit, and the handsome prince continued to enchant her with his friendly ways, and games of Wahoo, and lessons in how to make potato soup.

As the years passed, and the littlest princess grew, she began looking for a prince of her own, trying not to overlook the frogs that hopped along her path. One day, while she was driving through Sonic with a friend, they saw a cowboy that was an acquaintance of the friend. And as they passed, he leaned over to wave...and he smiled. And there was something about that smile that reminded the littlest princess of her handsome-prince brother-in-law.

The paths of the littlest princess and the cowboy did not cross again for awhile, but she remembered that he had a nice smile. And eventually they met and fell in love. And they are living happily, unhappily, happily, frustratedly, happily, companionably, sweetly, happily hoppily ever after (marriage is, after all, not a fairy tale, but an adventure).

And the littlest princess gives part of the credit and blame to a handsome prince disguised as a frog who was good at math.

(And if his daughters recognize him in this little tale of mine, please tell him hello for me. :)


  1. Yes, sometimes frogs really are princes in disguise. The dangerous thing is when handsome princes turn out to really be frogs! C

  2. Ooooh...
    I read this before when you wrote it, and tried and tried to figure out of whom you were speaking!!
    (In my defense, that was in the midst of all the chaos.)

    I am a Dolt.

    Truly, inescapably, and utterly to my eternal embarrassment.

    I will send this, however, the Frog #1, and say one of my favorite movie lines is (a Chevy Chase role, I forget which one)
    "Poor guy... he's a Prince who thinks he's a Frog..."
    An' that's the way I like 'em. :)
    Love to you and your handsome Frogs.

    Your doting niece.


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