Monday, August 24, 2009

Getting better...

I'm doing so much better. My stomach is still iffy, and I'd rather be horizontal than vertical. But my temperature is back to normal...thank goodness! I had to go back for yet another blood test today. Now they are saying it wasn't typhus after all, but a viral infection.

I hate being sick. I'm not good at it. I really come from extremely healthy stock. Growing up in the home that I did, being sick was considered a personal weakness. It just was not done. In fact, after I got my immunizations to start school, I never saw another medical doctor again until after I graduated from high school.

But somehow, in the last few years, I've had a few things to contend with...Meniere's Disease, a bad gall bladder, a herniated incision, the car accident, the hysterectomy, the pulmonary embolism.

My sisters are nine, eleven, and thirteen years older than I am. And periodically the question comes up...why do I have stuff wrong with me when they don't? My only guess?

Because I'm an old egg.


  1. That's true.
    Good stock. :)
    Or too dang hornery and impatient for it, anyway.

    I was really coming to say that you really got zapped!

    I'd bring you cold yummy things to eat and loves if I were just a wee bit closer.

  2. Madi and I are glad to see you are back among the living. You have had a rough time. We have a dear friend who battles Meniere's also. She finally seems to have it under control with some type of oral device. Take care and listen to your body.
    Madi and Mom

  3. Well, I'm so pleased to hear that you are heading toward "on the mend." Looking to hear more often from you now!!! C

  4. Glad to hear your doing better.Sickness isnt fun especially in the summertime.Hope to see another blog from you soon,Becky

  5. That last statement is just too funny! I laughed out loud! For an old egg, you turned out pretty smart, I must say!
    My husband is one of those who thinks you can just will yourself to not be sick. Not very sympathetic to sick family members, but you've never seen anyone moan so when HE is ailing. Of course he doesn't believe in going to the doctor!
    I hope we hear more from you soon, also! Stay well. V.

  6. This post explains a lot. I guess that's why the most I saw doctors when I was young was when I had broken bones. :) The tradition would carry on if some of you're grandchildren didn't have so many crazy injuries and issues.


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