Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Everyday blessings...

Lately I catch myself checking in on my own blog expecting to see a new post. Okay, maybe it's more like to check the date of the last time I've added anything. I keep thinking I'll get inspired to add something new.

Well, it's been a week, and I'm really tired of seeing that little pot pie happy face from the previous post. It's starting to look lonely and abandoned.

So thought I'd add a virtual visit post about my "neighborhood."

This is the kind of view I get driving the back roads around here. I love the gentle rolling hills.

I took a detour the other day, and found this bench in a little churchyard. It looked so peaceful.

These are actually rocks in our road down by the gate. I couldn't pass up a picture of one of my little everyday blessings. No manual or digital manipulation of this pic, I promise.

Big open skies make for beautiful sunsets.
I do so love my neighborhood.


  1. Is it by your gate?
    How lovely to have a guaranteed smile when you're walking home or going out on foot

  2. This is at the gate where our dirt road meets the main road. It's about a half mile from the house. We have to get out and open/close the gate whenever we leave or return.


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