Sunday, September 7, 2008

Another birthday, another pie...

Carey's birthday was last weekend, and the kids came, and I baked cupcakes.

But Carey's favorite dessert is pecan pie, so today I baked him two. (Seems I'm always baking two pies for birthdays lately.) The crust isn't gorgeous, but it was a joy making it and having two hands free to mix and shape and crimp! And Carey loves my pie crust (actually my mother's pie crust.) So he's set for awhile.

With the second pie, I experimented making a batch of pecan pie ice cream. It went straight to the freezer to harden, so we haven't tasted it yet. If it's really yummy, I'll let you know.

1 comment:

  1. Pecan pies always remind me of Grandma....yummy memory and yummy pie.
    The icecream sounds delicious....let us know how it tasted.


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